How much does it cost to have my item authenticated?

Cost (Yearly Gold & Platinum Members) $35 for items up to $2499, $50 for items up to $4999 and 2% of the value of the item over $5000, each for authentication which includes tamper proof hologram, entry into the database, unique serial number, grading good for day of only, and current market value estimate.  For Silver & Non-Members costs are: $50 for items up to $2499, $100 for items up to $4999 and 4% of the value of the item over $5000.

If an item needs to be tested to confirm it's authenticity the charge will be $100.

Not all TAC items are directly issued a certificate of authenticity as some of our clients prefer to only have their items tagged with TAC specific number on a hologram. A COA from The Authentication Company LLC is only legitimate if accompanied by the exact item with matching number (both item and certificate must match). Certificates of Authenticity may be purchased after an item has been tagged however the tagged item must be presented (in person) to a TAC employee to obtain a COA.

  Can I send you a picture of my item and receive a TAC authentication tag for it?

No. All items must be authenticated in person by a TAC employee in order to be tagged as original.

  Where do I get my advertising items authenticated?

TAC does setup at various shows across the United States which will include the Check the Oil Show (CTO) as well as Iowa Gas in Des Moines, Iowa. Other shows may be added please contact us for details. If you have advertising items and would like for us to authenticate them please contact us via the “Contact Us” link or by telephone. For larger collections we can travel to your location and for smaller collections we can discuss authenticating them when we are in your area.

I thought my item was original. Why couldn't you authenticate my item?

TAC reserves the right to not tag items which we cannot verify as being authentic original items as well as items that are considered age unknown. TAC also reserves the right to remove a tag should we learn new information that would negate the item being authentic. In these rare circumstances TAC will refund the cost of authentication to the original purchaser should the item be in their possession.

My TAC serial number has been damaged. What do I do?

TAC does not replace an item with the same serial number. If your hologram with serial number has been damaged a fee of $25 will be assessed in order to issue a new hologram and serial number for your item.

My sign is a two-piece sign. How many tags will it need?

For certain automobilia neons and other multi-piece signs more than one TAC serial number will be used to ensure the authenticity of an item (for example both skins will received different numbers as well as buttons or other prominent pieces to a sign). This will be done at TAC’s discretion and will be done in accordance with how we feel it needs to be done.