Why Authenticate an Antique Sign?

By Dan Matthews

Why authenticate an antique advertising sign? 

People ask me, "Why should i have my items authenticated?"

Collecting antiques has been a popular hobby for decades, and it continues to be rewarding today. 

Not only are antiques beautiful and nostalgic, but many are valuable - but many are not. Make sure your treasures are authentic before you buy it or sell it. That way you'll know the value of it and can get the top dollar for it. Or if you're buying antiques, you'll know if it's a good buy or not.


Will authenticating items increase the value of my collection?  

Whether you only have one or two pieces or you have an entire collection, it's important to get a seal of authentication from a qualified antiques authenticator.

With so many fakes , it can be difficult to confirm authenticity without help from experts. 

Authentication can increase the value of your antique and give you peace of mind that your investment was a solid decision. 

Values are constantly changing, so you need to deal with someone like me, Dan Matthews, and my partner, Joey. We have our fingers on the pulse of the antique sign community. 


How can you know if your antique is authentic? 

That's where we at The Authentication Company come in. 

The TAC authenticators have been authenticating antiques for decades. 

 The antiques we authenticate, including petroliana, motorcycle memorabilia, and porcelain signs, have maintained their value over the years, making them highly-valued in the world of antiques collecting. 

 With a TAC number, you'll know that it is a period correct sign or item, not a new reproduction (a copy) or fancy sign.


Become a TAC member to view descriptions, condition and estimated value of petroliana, automobilia, and other antique advertising items.