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What are vintage gas pump globes?

These globes sat on top of gas pumps, poles, air meters and other places to advertise a specific brand of gas or oil company. They were internally lighted, so very visible from the road when gas stations were poorly lit. Mostly spherical, they also came in shapes like Shell's clamshell. texaco globe After WWII, gas pumps got smaller. Some featured neon lights and animated designs. As lighting improved at gas stations, the lighted gas globes were used less and less.

Dates: Gas globes were popular in the early- mid- twentieth century, produced by lots of companies include Shell, Texaco, Standard Oil, Marathon and more. They have become iconic symbols of the gasoline industry. 

Notable Features: Different "bodies" included Shoe Box Globe, milk glass body, and the popular single globe lens.

Fun Fact: During World War II, gas pump globes were made of plastic due to the shortage of resources.  


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