How to Verify a TAC Number

By Dan Matthews


Here's How to Verify A TAC number

Are you wondering if a TAC number is a real number placed and authenticated by us at The Authentication Company? Here's how to make sure that the TAC number you see was placed by TAC. 

TAC hologram sticker

All items with a TAC hologram and serial number are located in our database. TAC members can review the details of their authenticated item. If you're in doubt, there are two ways to verify a TAC number:

1. The first way is to check the sticker for the TAC hologram. You should be able to see the hologram when viewing the sticker at an angle. 

2. The second way is to check the serial number in our database. Simply type the number into the search bar and you’ll see a picture of the item.


How to Search

You can search items by TAC number and also by keyword. For example, typing Mobil into the search bar will display results with the word Mobil in the title.

Silver TAC members can see the title, photo and the date the authentication was completed.

Gold and Platinum TAC members will be able to see more information about the item, including more photos, rating, measurements, idea of value, etc.