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What are bicycle/motorcycle collectibles collectibles?

Bicycle or motorcycle collectibles include anything that advertises motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes, bicycles and tricycles dealerships, or part stores. 

Dates: late 1800s to present day.

Notable Features:  Bicycle & Motorcycle collectibles are usually harder to find than petroliana and automobilia because there were fewer dealerships and these were not a high-cost item. So companies could not spend as much on advertising. Companies used a lot of metal, paper, cardboard, and plastic to create signs, which was cheaper than porcelain signs. Beware: there are a lot of reproduction and fantasy Indian & Harley Davidson signs and advertising. 

Fun Fact: Beyond signs, motorcycle collectibles include clothing, rabbits' feet and other accessories.

What to look for in an  bicycle/motorcycle a collectible:

Beware of lots of reproductions, especially with Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycle advertising.

Average Value of a bicycle or motorcycle advertising:

Original: $500-$150,000

Reproduction: $25-$500


Authenticate Your Bicycle or Motorcycle Collections

Your bicycle/motorcycle collection deserves the seal of approval with expert authentication and tagging.

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